Metaphor Monday with Judy

Metaphor Monday

WANA buddy Judythe Morgan has kindly offered her book cover, The Pendant’s Promise as metaphor fodder today. Thanks Judy!

















Steel viper threatens steel butterfly.
The pendant is dependent on you.
We managed to escape with the bling, ‘Oops!’
Which is priceless? The pendant or the promise?

I got a bit carried away, few of these are metaphors. Anyone else carried away today?

27 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday with Judy

  1. I did the same thing as Julie! It took me a minute to figure out. I blame it on the early hour and the fact that my coffee is still brewing. Also the reason I can’t think up any metaphors :) But it’s a cool cover!

  2. Some pretty cool metaphors so far. I’m still thinking! That’s what revision hell does to your brain…freezes it.
    Thanks for sharing the the cover, Catherine. Looking forward to more fun metaphors when I check in later to day.
    Judy-the Morgan…yep that’s how everyone reads Judythe. You can read the full story of how I came to have the unique spelling of my name here:

  3. Shoot, I can’t think of any metaphors, although I do hear Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice shouting, “Get in the choppa. Do it now!”

    The cover looks pretty great. The helicopter and the pendant together make me curious what the story is about.

  4. the blades were churning knives through my heart
    as the pendant and it’s promise were green rain
    never to fall on the rock my heart had become

    Oh…that is heavy for me!!! I’m usually light-hearted and carefree. But not with that cover!! It brought out my serious side LOL

  5. Read this late last night and wanted to think about it, and then forgot to check back. Sorry I’m bad today.

    Emeralds are a girl’s best friend
    Slipping away
    In need of a chopper
    Blades of steel
    Beam me up Scotty

  6. I’m still trying to get a grasp on metaphors. :) Here’s mine:

    The helicopter dipped like my stomach on a rollar coaster.

    Hmm, I think that’s a simile actually. Oh well, I’m going to bed now and I will try again next week.

  7. Love all the ideas flowing from my cover today. Some have offered great story ideas. Thanks all who have played on Metaphor Monday.

    After taxing my brain all day, this is the best i can come up with…

    In vain, the wall of names and the chopper tried to crush the pendant, but the emerald glowed with forever promise.

    Remember, I write genre novels, not literary or poetry. (I think you can see why. LOL)

    Thanks so much for sharing my cover today, Catherine. Can’t wait to see next Monday’s fun.

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