Kiwi Metaphor Monday

by Catherine Johnson @CatherinePoet

Hot spring

Bird’s feet casserole.

Kiwi fog

“That must be early morning fog cause my feet aren’t burning, are yours?”



The stream swallowed up the sun and escaped through the bushes.

The sleeping giant’s hairy nose twitched
as a delicious smell wafted by. (I seem to have read waft everywhere this week and now I’m writing it. It’s the week of the waft!)

Have any poems wafted into your minds looking at these pictures?

With silver coils and shimmering shroud,
what is that wafting through this caw convention
on this fine meandering Monday?
Mist on high in a deserted land?
A mystery of days gone by?
or the whiff of a new dawn?
Pray tell.

copyright of us lot ;)

31 thoughts on “Kiwi Metaphor Monday

  1. Maybe not metaphors…but some fun with words?
    Many mini-markings made by immobile marshmallow mounds

    Rindle-river running rivulets


    There was a piney, mountain-hat perched upon the land
    Its misty, cloudy, foggy brim was nothing less than grand.

    Who would wear such hat you say, curious for sure.
    Well there’s a Yeti underneath who keeps himself obscure!

    You wouldn’t really know it’s him, with such a wise disguise
    Only sporting bushy brows and hiding Yeti eyes.

    But if he ever shows himself, panic will ensue
    They’ll take his piney, mountain-hat and put him in a zoo!

    ~Penny Klostermann

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