Metaphor Monday – story

Metaphors, metaphors! Where for art thou metaphors!
Something a little different today. Inspired? Got a poem to share?

The traffic lights at Toy Town were on strike.

snack cars
The cars ran in all directions, slicing each other up.

The noise and vibration alerted the land inspectors

Soon the driving tickets were stacking up.

Hello Kitty hid in the bushes until the smoke had cleared.

38 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday – story

  1. A silly little ditty, but thanks to Catherine for providing a little push/help to write more! And share more.

    In Toyland the dolls were arranging their frocks,
    Which chapeau, which coiffure, would they choose?
    The mechanical toys with their gears and their clocks
    Were at work on the roadsters they’d use.
    It was off to the park,
    Not afraid of the dark
    Were the toys of East Emerson Lane.
    As they waddled along
    Singing song after song
    You might hear this delightful refrain:
    We’ve got shovels and pails
    Little tents and hot snails
    And delectable tasties and sweets!
    Never fear the earthworm
    Or the big-bellied germ
    Cause freedom’s enough of a treat!
    So night after night
    You would see this strange sight
    As they caravanned off to the sea.
    Unfettered, awake
    Eating pickles and cake
    Shouting oh ‘tis so good to be free!

  2. I liked your first one “The traffic lights at Toy Town were on strike.” I always wondered what would happen to a city if Traffic Control suddenly lost power and the lights malfunctioned. I know in Canada, not sure about the states, any crossing with bad lights automatically turns into a 4-way stop.

    Too bad we can’t eat real traffic lights :)

    • I’ve never been in a big city where that’s happened, but I’ve had it a lot in small towns. it’s so confusing and I’m a ditherer on a good day lol. I’ll never forget the driving test when I thought I couldn’t make it in time then changed my mind. No wonder that instructor had medication for his nerves :)

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