Earth Day poems

Happy Earth Day everyone! There is a great website about caring for the earth here. Today is the day to think about how we treat our planet and think about what we can improve upon to look after it better.

Here are a couple of Earth day poems I found:



And if you want to read books about Earth day as a family, Erik and Pat reviewed two great books on Friday.

Earth Day
by Catherine Johnson

The girth of the earth is rather large
of earth’s grand upkeep we’re in charge
so think before you toss things out
or Mother Nature’ll scream and shout.

Be kind to earth it feeds you well.
Don’t leave a trace for it can tell.
Recycle cardboard, plastic too,
then things can be re-made for you.

With earth’s resources dwindling fast,
coal and gas I’m sure won’t last.
One small deed will see you through
to start a habit good and new.

Save the earth! Pass it on.


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